Rachel's Wish Foundation, Inc.
Dedicated in memory of
Rachel Smith of Ranburne, Alabama  
She was and continues to be our inspiration.
Board of Directors:
  • Sandra Floyd                  Chairperson
Tallapoosa, GA
  • Lewis "Buddy" Floyd        Operation Director
Tallapoosa, GA
  • Janet Mykytyn                President
  • Cathy Shipp                    Vice President
Buchanan, GA
  • Sara Sims                       Program Director
Waco, GA
  • Aleshia Wiley                  Secretary
Tallapoosa, GA
"Rachel's Wish Foundation" was established to honor and serve those less
fortunate than ourselves - to provide opportunities where there might
otherwise be none - to reduce the hurts and pains of everyday life.  And last,
but not least to establish relationships and memories that will last a life time.
Rachel's Wish Foundation, Inc
"Leaving It Behind"

Derek leaves his disability
behind while he rides "Dusty".  
These prints were painted by Kate
Duvall.  She allowed the images to be used
for the 1st annual Rachel's Wish T-shirt to
raise money to continue our march to
allow anyone, whether physically,
mentally or financially challenged to have
the opportunity to enjoy equine activities.  
T-shirts are available for $12.00 each and
can be ordered by sending an email to us:

Great things happen when great minds work
together for the good of our community.